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Ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong?

You set the alarm a half hour early to hit the gym, but woke up an hour late!

You get ready in record time and rush out the door to to make your 9am client meeting (“who schedules a meeting at 9am on a Monday?”) only to have that damn car splash dirty rain water all over your brand new suede pumps…


Everything is ok, you made it in time… and then your client starts being a “you-know-what.”

And then your friend calls on your lunch break, bitching about her husband not taking out the trash again and you’re yelling at her in your head…”WTF! I can’t even get one decent date in this town!”

Wooooo Saaaa….

Alright…tonight you get to order in. It’s been one of those days. Thai food is going to hit the spot and make it all better.

20 minutes go by…30 minutes go by….45 minutes…60 minutes…dialing…

“Oh yes, sorry ma’am, the order already left and should be there any minute.” Riiiight.

When it rains it pours…and at times it may even feel like a hurricane.

In those times it may feel like the world is against you. Like you’re in this dark hole, sinking fast, trying so hard to swim back up to the top, but no matter what you do, you just sink farther and farther down.

I remember having A LOT of those days, but lately I realized that there are fewer and fewer of them, and I wanted to share with you why…

In any situation, good or bad, there is an opportunity for you to move closer to what you desire. It may not seem that way in a bad situation, but there is.

Most times, however, we resist the opportunities that are right there in front of us, because we don’t like that the outcome we are experiencing is different than the one we had imagined in our head.

So we spend all of our energy on being angry, disappointed, resisting the present state, asking “why did that happen?!?!?”, even though there is absolutely nothing we can do to change what has already happened.

This causes us to hit rewind and play on the event over and over and over again, experiencing that frustration over and over and over again.  We then experience a revolving door of negative emotions… regret, resentment, self-doubt…one building on the other like a rolling snowball.

And in that time, we miss all of the signs and opportunities that the Universe has been giving us to create and experience a much better outcome than we currently are.

Think about how many signs and opportunities you may have missed over the past years because of how much energy and time you spent living in the past, getting angry at it and wishing you could have changed it?

Here’s the good news: While you may have missed out on some opportunities in the past, there is a limitless reservoir of opportunities still at your disposal. It’s never too late and the Universe will always be doing its part to guide you to your highest potential. You just have to decide if you’re willing to to your part.

So, let’s try something different starting today so you can begin creating a more positive reality. When you experience a negative situation: Continue reading

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We all make choices every single day.

Whether it’s what shoes to wear, what to get for lunch or what date to say “yes” to, subconsciously or consciously, we’re always moving through life because of “this way” or “that way.”

Moving us toward something or moving us away from something.

This is true even in the smallest of decisions.

• You may choose to wear your 4-inch patent leather heels instead your the suede ankle boots because you’re going out on a date and want to feel sexier…moving you toward feeling more confident and a potential second date.

• You may choose a drink over a glass of water because you want to escape the stresses from the terrible day you had at work with your terrible boss…moving yourself away from facing your reality and overcoming the issues.

• You may continuously choose the couch and take-out instead of an after-work sweat session and a healthy home-cooked meal because deep down inside you don’t feel you deserve to have the body you desire…moving you away from feeling happier and healthier and keeping you in the “safe zone” of what you know.

I used to be one of the most indecisive people I knew. In fact, I would get incredible anxiety at times over having to choose one path of the other.
I always second guessed my choices, always hesitated a million times over and always looked back wondering, “did I make the right decision?”

Or I didn’t do anything at all and stayed in the same place for fear of what I did not know.

You too?


Lately, you’ve probably heard me talk a lot about intuition…that gut feeling, the voice whispering in your ear…

The guidance that we’re not taught to trust, but in fact is the one voice we should trust.

And then you’ve heard me talking about fear, that other voice whispering in your ear…

The one we trust all too often, because we hear it more. Continue reading


“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

You’ve heard it time and time again…if you want to succeed, set goals.

And I agree. Goals are essential to actually achieving the things you most desire.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. They keep you accountable
  2. They relieve some stress because everything you have to get done is out of your head and written down
  3. They keep you on track when you get overwhelmed
  4. They make your desires actually feel attainable

But how many times have you made certain goals for your health and happiness and then eventually just sat there staring at them, with no real motivation to move forward?

You create this amazing list of everything you desire to have for your body and overall health and then just freeze when it comes to actually implementing the necessary steps to get there

That’s because it’s not just necessary to know WHAT you want to do and HOW you need to get it done, but the real key is…

…WHY you want to do any of it in the first place.

The WHY is all about inspiration and that’s what gets you going and keeps you going. 

The WHY also allows you to create specific and actionable steps that will help you achieve your goals in a more ENJOYABLE way.

We are emotional beings, however, we often neglect this part of ourselves and only focus on trying to “get shit done.”

We use too much masculine energy, the energy of action, doing and logic and too little of our feminine energy…creativity, exploration, enjoyment, intuition and emotion.

It’s no wonder that so many times, even if we do reach our goals we experience little to no satisfaction. And instead of being able to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, the enjoyment is fleeting and we have to find the next thing to go after to fill that void.

Not focusing on the pleasure is also a reason why many people can’t keep up with things like diets, that only focus on the end result of losing weight at the cost of health and happiness.

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