I’m going to get real here for a moment…

Have you ever been in a relationship that you thought was going great and next thing you know, the love of your life tells you that it’s over?

Felt like an 18-wheeler going 100mph slammed right into you, didn’t it?

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It sucks.

I had a track record of shitty relationship after shitty relationship (break up after break up.) Excuse the potty mouth, but they were really that toxic…I just didn’t see it at the time.

I would fall head over heels in love, think all was good and that I was finally going to be the one saying “Yes! I will marry you!”

Another bridesmaids dress later…

You get my point.

It wasn’t until my last relationship 2 years ago, probably the most exhausting and trying of them all, that things changed.

Let’s take a quick trip back…

I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version… we were together for 2 years, moved in together the 2nd year after a very serious conversation about where the relationship was heading, then he breaks up with me a few months later, moves out, I fall into a very dark place (where I usually went after a breakup), 2 weeks later my sister gets engaged (happy for her…knife to the heart for me), 2 months later he comes back saying he’s sorry and wants to get back together, 2 minutes later, I say “yes”…

and then, on our 3 year anniversary he breaks up with me again…18-wheeler to the face.

Except this time, something changed…for the first time in my life, I didn’t go into a dark place after my heart was broken.

I felt taller and stronger than I ever had. I felt held up when parts of me were trying to fall back down. Continue reading


Remember that time you were about to take a chance on that really great opportunity and then all of a sudden, you got butterflies in your stomach, your heart started beating faster, you felt a little dizzy and well…like you were almost going to throw up?

Remember how your heart wanted you to take that step forward, but you were just so terrified that instead you listened to that voice in your head and stood frozen?

Do you still think about that day? Do you think about that opportunity?

Do you wonder what may have been?

Lingering in the past and having regrets, can be an exhausting feeling. I can’t tell you how many times I thought “why the hell did I do that?” or “why didn’t I do that?”

Next week, I’m going to talk more on regret and how to let go of the past, but today I want to focus on that four letter word…


Fear sucks. Now, I’m not talking about the fear when you watch a scary movie or are about to ride a rollercoaster.

I’m talking about the fear that stops you dead in your tracks.

The fear that suffocates you in doubt.

That has you questioning “do I?” or “don’t I?” back and forth like a tennis ball, until your head is going to explode.

Fear and doubt can be our greatest enemies, that stand in the way of us realizing our true potential…

Our greatness.

Whether you think it or not, you do have the power of greatness within you. Each and every one of us do. It’s just how it is. The higher power, whether to you that’s God or the Universe or some other higher spiritual power, does not discriminate.

We are the ones that become our greatest enemies by trusting in fear…by trusting that it’s the truth.

So, let’s first take a moment to discuss what fear is.

Continue reading


My 31st birthday crept up quicker than any other birthday has. I feel like I’ve being going on all cylinders for quite some time now and this past week was no exception.

Starting your own business is no small feat and requires a ton of passion, patience and persistence.

I’m typically a HUGE birthday fan. I love my birthday. I love planning it and I love celebrating it. But something was different this year and I can’t pin point exactly why, but I think I have a pretty good idea.

Over the past few years, I’ve been on quite the emotional and spiritual journey. I’ve learned more about others and myself in such a short time than I had in my whole life.

Going from a place where I’d have such bad anxiety that it would make me sick and experiencing days I just didn’t want to wake up, to feeling overwhelmed with love, gratitude and excitement for the infinite possibilities of what may come each day, is a true blessing.

There are days I forget how I used to feel because life feels that much better with each day that passes.

Is it perfect? No. Are there days I have doubts and struggle with feeling on top of my game? Yes.

Am I where I thought I’d be at 31? No. Continue reading