If you’ve ever struggled with obsessive thoughts about food, overeating or stressful eating, you’ve probably experienced intense cravings.

Yes, there are times when we are nutritionally malnourished and our bodies crave certain foods to bring us back into balance, such as craving foods high in Vitamin C when we’re sick or more protein when we’re fatigued.

However, when we have consistent food cravings that lead to binge eating episodes, it’s our thoughts that are the real culprit leading to the cravings and unhealthy eating habits – not the food.

Thoughts lead to emotions that lead to action or inaction.

When we are in a high stress state and don’t know how to process our emotions in a healthy way, we end up reaching for the first thing that will help us avoid those feelings. And for many people that thing is food.


When we get stressed out, our sympathetic nervous system gets activated and turns on our “flight or fight” response. Our digestion slows down, breathing becomes shallow and our blood sugar rises to give us the energy we need to combat the “threat” we are facing. This rise in blood sugar alone will have you hankering for sweets and carbs – it’s a natural biological response to protect you.

In addition, on a psychological level, we go into tribal survival mode. Thousands of years ago, this may have served its purpose as the potential threat of enemies or vicious animals was real. However, these days we don’t have those kinds of threats on a daily basis, but our body’s don’t know the difference.

Stress is stress.

And in this stressed out state, there is little rational thinking and a lot of impulsive action. We disconnect from our body and do anything and everything to quell the uncomfortable feelings. In many cases, this can be reaching for food without even realizing you’re doing and continuing to eat until the stress has subsided or you’re stuffed to the limit.

With non-stop lifestyles, cultural and societal pressures, being overworked, not sleeping enough, eating a nutrient deficient diet and lack of knowledge about how to bring the nervous system back into balance, it can often feel like a really difficult cycle to break.


However, one powerful practice that you can use right now to calm your nervous system when you feel emotionally stressed is pranayama breathing, or alternate nostril breathing.

As I mentioned, shallow breathing is one side effect of high stress levels, so in order to bring the mind and body back into balance, we can use the breath to guide it.

“Prana” means life force and “yama” means to control.

As we bring our consciousness to the breath, we regain focus and clarity of the mind and therefore the ability to make a rational and healthy choice for our wellbeing.

According to the Yoga Sutras, pranayama is considered to be one of the most powerful forms of purification and self-discipline for the mind and body. It not only purifies on the physical level, helping to detoxify impurities of the body, strengthening the respiratory system, and increasing energy, but it also calms and uplifts the mind by reducing anxiety, stress and depression.

All of this will lead to reduced cravings and making healthy choices for your body naturally.

When we are in a balanced mind state, we naturally make good decisions for our health.

Adding just a few minutes of pranayama breathing to a daily meditation practice can create a world of difference for your health and happiness.

As I began meditating regularly, I experienced a significant decrease in my desire for sweets and alcohol, which was huge since I struggled with trying to overcome these cravings for years! Continue reading


About a month ago, I felt like I was drowning in a pool of emotional chaos. Fear, worry and anxiety were surrounding me on all sides, holding me hostage. I was breaking out in spontaneous crying episodes, not knowing what to do.

I say this to be totally transparent, to share that even the best of us have our moments…those moments that take us by surprise, when we feel lost, alone and scared.

For almost a month straight I felt physically and emotionally exhausted. My digestion was a mess, my sleep was compromised and it seemed that no matter how much I meditated, I couldn’t shake the discomfort.

I knew what was underlying all of this although I didn’t know quite why.

There is a lot of transition and change happening in my life at the moment, a lot of huge decisions that I had to make in terms of my business, living location and relationships – and with that a lot that could go “wrong.”

The fear of making the wrong decision and not knowing whether to trust my intuition and my heart was overwhelming.

I wasn’t feeling confident in myself or my choices. I wasn’t receiving the signs from the Universe that I usually did. Something just wasn’t right.

I was meditating, saying positive affirmations, getting out into nature and exercising – pretty much doing everything I recommend to my clients when they feel this same way.

But nothing was working.

Finally, I decided to reach out for support. I just knew I couldn’t figure this out on my own anymore.

In talking to a few of my closest friends, I realized why I wasn’t able to shake the fear and anxiety that was paralyzing me.

#1 – I was trying to maintain control over everything – which is impossible.

#2 – I wasn’t allowing myself to really feel into the emotions I was feeling. I was simply trying to make them go away instead of looking at them in the face and understanding why they were there in the first place.

#3 – I was trusting fear instead of trusting myself.

Through these meaningful conversations I was able to look at and understand my fears, let go of the need to know every single detail of how the future was going to unfold and give myself permission to trust my heart. Continue reading

Stewed Apples

Suffering from digestive issues for most of my life was a frustrating experience. One that I thought I’d have to deal with forever. It seemed like no matter what I did, nothing gave me the lasting relief that I wanted. Trapped into thinking I’d have to be taking meds after ever meal sucked. It affected my confidence, my social life and the poor digestion was affecting my health in ways I wasn’t even aware of.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned some of the most amazing, yet simple techniques that have helped me finally de-puff my stomach stomach, regulate my digestion and most importantly just give me the peace of mind that I never thought I’d have.

It’s been my mission to support others in finally finding relief from their digestive struggles in ways that are natural, safe and easy. Interested in learning more about my process, click here…

I’m all about keeping things fun, simple and delicious. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a chore…and it shouldn’t be. I believe enjoyment and empowerment are the missing ingredients to this puzzle that have so many people running for dear life at the thought of what it’s really going to take to turn things around.

One of the simple and delicious additions to my daily routine that has helped me keep my digestion tip top is eating stewed apples for breakfast.

The warmth, sweet and slightly sour tastes help to stimulate the digestive process and move things along. Along with fiber from the apples and healing spices, this is the perfect meal that will leave you feeling lighter and energized in the morning. Even better, it literally takes minutes to make and tastes like apple pie filling!

Stewed apples

1 apple, peeled, cored and diced
3 whole cloves
1/2-1 tsp cinnamon
pinch nutmeg
1/4 cup water
1/2 Tbsp ghee (optional)

1. Put all ingredients into a small saucepan and bring to a boil.
2. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 5-7 minutes until apples are tender.