Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, but you didn’t feel ready for it, didn’t have the confidence to do it, you were worried about what people would say, or you just came up with too many excuses why you couldn’t, instead of even just one reason why you could?

Ever feel like you couldn’t do something because you weren’t smart enough, talented enough, skilled enough, pretty enough, skinny enough…ready enough?

Well, I’ve certainly been there and I still DO go there at times.

Many of these judgements may come from other people, but they also come from that voice inside our head that’s telling us everything needs to be “perfect” before we can show the world. It’s that voice of doubt trying to stop us from living up to our true potential and feeling the fulfillment we desire.

The truth is, we’re all amazing enough to do whatever the hell we want to do in any moment we want to do it in.

Yes, we might not be as good as we can be, but we are always as good as we need to be to get started. (TWEET IT!)

There’s never any reason to not take that first step forward and go after what you want, because the only way to get better is to start, right?

It’s not about getting to a place where you never have those fears or doubts. It’s about learning how to react to those voices…

You can either choose to follow them or go right through them.

And that’s why I finally created my first YouTube channel.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 12.44.54 PM

I’ve been wanting to create a YouTube channel for a while now and I had a long list of reasons why I shouldn’t, couldn’t and why it was never the right time. Finally, I made a decision to run right through those thoughts and take that first step forward.

If you never take that first step, you’ll never reach your destination. (TWEET IT!)

Creating this video was one thing, putting it out there on blast for the world to see is another.

Because when you step out to show the world who you are and who you want to become, there will always be people trying to stop you (and many times that person is yourself.) Being brave comes with being vulnerable and opening yourself up to criticism…and that’s never easy.

I was incredibly nervous to share this video with you. In fact I almost didn’t because as I watched it after it was done, I found everything wrong with it that I could, instead of taking a moment to say, “Hey, a year ago you would have NEVER had the guts to do this and look at you now!”

I lived my whole life according to what others thought of me and I spent every day worrying about being judged…trying to be “perfect.” And there are still moments that those same worries creep up, such as now.

But in these moments, you can decide to question every move, stand still and be beaten down…or embrace the imperfection, look at it as an invitation to greater fulfillment and keep moving towards the person you want to be and life you want to live.

There’s more fulfillment in doing something imperfectly than waiting for perfection and not doing anything at all. (TWEET IT!)

And the best feeling is saying, “I did it anyways!”

I’m excited to see how this new journey evolves, but more than anything I’m excited to continue sharing my passion for helping others also stop settling for “I’m not good enough” and start living because they are!

I’m so excited to finally be able to connect with you this way and share information that I hope will inspire you create the life you were almost meant to be living.

So without anymore babbling, please head on over to check out what I’ll be talking about and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the new videos I post!



With love!


cheering hiking woman enjoy the beautiful view at mountain peak

Are there things that you wish you had the courage and confidence to go after but you just can’t seem to move forward because you feel undeserving, incapable or afraid?

Do you usually react to difficult situations by stressing out, running the other way or avoiding them?

Maybe it’s not dating again, because you’re scared of another heartbreak…

Maybe it’s knowing you should leave your current relationship but fearing you’ll be unloved and alone forever if you do…

Maybe it’s wanting to quit the job you’re miserable at so you an pursue a career that you’re truly passionate about, but worrying that you won’t be successful…

Maybe it’s wanting to make healthier changes in your life, but remembering how many times you tried and failed in the past…

Maybe it’s reaching out for support with your health and happiness, but that voice in your head keeps reminding you of all the reasons why it’s not the right time…

These situations may bring out an uneasy feeling in your gut. A feeling that is pulling you in the direction you want to go in, followed by another one trying to hold you back.

Often these feelings are accompanied by the voices of fear and doubt…

“You’re not good enough.”

“Just stay where you are. It’s safer.”

“You failed last time. It won’t be any different this time?”

“Stop kidding yourself. You’ll never succeed.”

It may seem like listening to those voices and staying where you are will protect you from any future pain from failure and rejection. 

Or perhaps avoiding the uncomfortable feelings altogether seems like the best way to move forward. Why feel the pain when you can avoid it, right?

I recently read a book called Happy is the New Healthy, in which the author Dave Romanelli writes, “When you find yourself hiding, ducking, running, you are seeking freedom from life.” Continue reading

tired sleepy woman sitting at her desk with books computer

Ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong?

You set the alarm a half hour early to hit the gym, but woke up an hour late!

You get ready in record time and rush out the door to to make your 9am client meeting (“who schedules a meeting at 9am on a Monday?”) only to have that damn car splash dirty rain water all over your brand new suede pumps…


Everything is ok, you made it in time… and then your client starts being a “you-know-what.”

And then your friend calls on your lunch break, bitching about her husband not taking out the trash again and you’re yelling at her in your head…”WTF! I can’t even get one decent date in this town!”

Wooooo Saaaa….

Alright…tonight you get to order in. It’s been one of those days. Thai food is going to hit the spot and make it all better.

20 minutes go by…30 minutes go by….45 minutes…60 minutes…dialing…

“Oh yes, sorry ma’am, the order already left and should be there any minute.” Riiiight.

When it rains it pours…and at times it may even feel like a hurricane.

In those times it may feel like the world is against you. Like you’re in this dark hole, sinking fast, trying so hard to swim back up to the top, but no matter what you do, you just sink farther and farther down.

I remember having A LOT of those days, but lately I realized that there are fewer and fewer of them, and I wanted to share with you why…

In any situation, good or bad, there is an opportunity for you to move closer to what you desire. It may not seem that way in a bad situation, but there is.

Most times, however, we resist the opportunities that are right there in front of us, because we don’t like that the outcome we are experiencing is different than the one we had imagined in our head.

So we spend all of our energy on being angry, disappointed, resisting the present state, asking “why did that happen?!?!?”, even though there is absolutely nothing we can do to change what has already happened.

This causes us to hit rewind and play on the event over and over and over again, experiencing that frustration over and over and over again.  We then experience a revolving door of negative emotions… regret, resentment, self-doubt…one building on the other like a rolling snowball.

And in that time, we miss all of the signs and opportunities that the Universe has been giving us to create and experience a much better outcome than we currently are.

Think about how many signs and opportunities you may have missed over the past years because of how much energy and time you spent living in the past, getting angry at it and wishing you could have changed it?

Here’s the good news: While you may have missed out on some opportunities in the past, there is a limitless reservoir of opportunities still at your disposal. It’s never too late and the Universe will always be doing its part to guide you to your highest potential. You just have to decide if you’re willing to to your part.

So, let’s try something different starting today so you can begin creating a more positive reality. When you experience a negative situation: Continue reading