A few weeks ago, I hosted my first completely vegan, gluten-free dinner party at my place for a group of my closest girlfriends.

I have to admit, there was a part of me that wanted to cancel it the few days leading up to the date. I had all those thoughts running through my head like “what if they don’t like the food?”, “what if there’s not enough food?”, “what if I forget a key ingredient in something?”

However, much like my mentality has been for 2014, I decided I needed to jump right out of my comfort zone and go for it.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Walsh (tweet it!)

I LOVE making delicious, healthy food that puts smiles on the faces of those that I cook for, I love hosting and I love spending time with my friends. So all roads were pointing to one direction…dinner party it was!


I’ve cooked for large groups of people before, helping my mom host holiday dinners for upwards of 40 people, but this was all me and all vegan and gluten-free. I wanted to show my guests that healthy food could satisfy on all levels.


Through this experience, I learned quite a few things about how to host a party with the least bit of stress so you don’t have to be in the kitchen the whole time your guests are mingling and noshing.

I wanted to share these with you, because entertaining can often seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s an amazing way to bond with people in your life that you care about and it’s a wonderful way to bring people together, creating new friendships and experiences.

In the end, the dinner was a success. I got great feedback on all the dishes, and what made me the most happy is that all of my friends left satisfied, yet not weighed down and bloated from ingredients that normally cause digestive issues. Continue reading

chocolatealmondbuttersmoothie_1b copy

Ok, so I’m definitely a stickler for always putting greens in my smoothies. But I get that sometimes you just want something a little sweet that doesn’t look green.

Even i’m willing to break the rules some times.

Chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven. Two things that go together so amazing, you wonder who the genius was that came up with it in the first place…anyone?


I’d say some of the most common things that most people think of when they hear chocolate and peanut butter are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Peanut M&Ms. Oh so delicious, but usually not so delicious for your health. Filled with tons of sugar, preservatives and ingredients and harmful dyes, those are sweet treats to best pass on.

I remember when I first heard of almond butter. As a peanut butter love, my interest was peaked. And from the second I tried some creamy, natural almond butter, I was a convert. I’m pretty sure the thoughts in my head must have been along the lines of “this shit is amazing”, “omg, thank you whoever thought of this, thank you”, “let’s get some chocolate with this and see what happens.”

Yeah, I get excited about food…a lot. Continue reading

photo (43)

Plastic is another one of those controversial topics, especially plastic bottles.

They’re bad for the environment, they’re toxic, they’re expensive….

I totally agree with all of these arguments. I find it strange how some people choose to pay loads of money on cases of bottled water, when they can get clean water by using a good quality filter at home…no toxic plastic included. Now I get that in some areas, this is the necessity because the water quality is really bad, but I’m not talking about that.

When I’m traveling or just out and about, there are two things I always make sure I have with me. Healthy snacks and my stainless steel water bottle, filled and ready to go.

However, unless there’s a clean water fountain around when I’ve drank the last drop of my home drawn H2O, I’m always forced to buy bottled water once I run out.

Enter Bobble…

… a reusable water bottle that filters water as you drink.

Yes it’s plastic, but it’s BPA free and free of pthalates and PVC, so not only is it easier on the environment and your wallet, but it’s safe for you too. Continue reading