For the past week, there has been a lot of talk about gratitude and thanking those in your life that have supported you, loved you and been there for you in the time you needed it the most.

Makes sense…this Thursday is Thanksgiving after all :)

There have been posts on social media about thanking friends you’ve never actually met in person, but who have helped you with your business or just put a smile on your face.

Facebook even rolled out another video personalization app so you can thank a friend with a cute little song and picture montage.

These are all great reminders to take a moment away from our regular hustle and bustle, wired in routines and focus, even for a moment, on our blessings.

Studies show those people that practice regular gratitude have substantially better health than those that don’t, with less stress, less incidences of illness and an overall happier disposition in life.

However, today I want to talk about another type of gratitude that we shouldn’t forget about this year or any year.

I feel that this type of gratitude is the most important kind of gratitude.

Since you’ve been young, you’ve probably been told to say “thank you” to those that did something generous or kind for you.

When you hear the words “thanks” and “gratitude”, I bet most of the time you think about those words in relation to the people or things in your life…

Family that has provided for you, friends that have given you a shoulder to cry on, a job that has helped keep a roof over your head, your trainer, your hairdresser, your mailman, your nanny….

However, we often forget to thank the most important person that is there for us 24/7, that is truly the one responsible for getting us through each day…

And that is ourselves.

That’s right…so let me ask you, when is the last time YOU thanked YOU?

Although it may seem strange to take a moment to thank yourself, it’s really only so because for years and years, we’ve been told that happiness, success, love and all those good bubbly feelings and things, come from outside of us…so therefore the gratitude must go outside of us…

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Self-love is about more than just saying “nice things” to yourself and getting a massage.

A huge part of self-love is self care. Eating real food, as in unprocessed, with ingredient names you recognize as real food, learning to understand your own individual body’s needs to look and feel its best and keeping up with regular exercise and stress management techniques should all be non-negotiables.

These should not be seen as luxuries. Your body is your permanent home and it’s so important to treat it that way. If you wouldn’t toss junk around your house all the time, treat your body with the same respect. I promise it will thank you!

That being said, it’s so important to understand that self-care goes beyond just nutrition and exercise though.

I’ve talked about the importance of using clean beauty products and today I want to share a few of my absolute favorite ones with you.

Believe it or not, the products you put on your skin get absorbed right into your blood stream, so trying to not only clean up your diet, but also your beauty products is extremely important to maintaining optimal health.

Most beauty products out there are loaded with chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and have
ingredients that are hormone disruptors, that will throw off the natural balance of your body.

Some of the most popular anti-aging products consist of chemicals will eventually thin out your skin causing you to age faster!

Below, I’ll share some of my favorite non-toxic hair care products. I’ll be posting about skin care and makeup soon too!

My favorite non-toxic hair care products

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What you’ve already been told…

There are loads of articles, websites, fad diets and highly respected nutritionists out there that will tell you what foods you should and shouldn’t put into your body.

Lots of information, lots of overwhelm, lots of conflicting advice.

What most of them would agree upon is that reducing sugar, alcohol, refined white flours and processed foods are a must.

Our bodies are just like machines, beautiful and intricate. However, we don’t often think about all the junk we’re putting into them.

I’ve talked a lot on the topic of nutrition and I will continue to do so because it’s essential to our survival.

What you may not know…

However, there is one thing in particular that I have failed to mention to you…

This one thing is something that can have profound impacts on your health, happiness and overall life path.

There have been countless amounts of people that have documented tremendous improvements in their health, from weight loss to even healing from serious illnesses such as cancer, by putting this underestimated ingredient into their body.

Many have even seen incredible financial success and success in love because of it.

However, it’s not talked about as much in the mainstream health scene, because it’s absolutely FREE. Which means there is no money in it for the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

People may refer to it as different things, but I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible, because I will be going into more depth on this topic in the months to come. Continue reading