“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

You’ve heard it time and time again…if you want to succeed, set goals.

And I agree. Goals are essential to actually achieving the things you most desire.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. They keep you accountable
  2. They relieve some stress because everything you have to get done is out of your head and written down
  3. They keep you on track when you get overwhelmed
  4. They make your desires actually feel attainable

But how many times have you made certain goals for your health and happiness and then eventually just sat there staring at them, with no real motivation to move forward?

You create this amazing list of everything you desire to have for your body and overall health and then just freeze when it comes to actually implementing the necessary steps to get there

That’s because it’s not just necessary to know WHAT you want to do and HOW you need to get it done, but the real key is…

…WHY you want to do any of it in the first place.

The WHY is all about inspiration and that’s what gets you going and keeps you going. 

The WHY also allows you to create specific and actionable steps that will help you achieve your goals in a more ENJOYABLE way.

We are emotional beings, however, we often neglect this part of ourselves and only focus on trying to “get shit done.”

We use too much masculine energy, the energy of action, doing and logic and too little of our feminine energy…creativity, exploration, enjoyment, intuition and emotion.

It’s no wonder that so many times, even if we do reach our goals we experience little to no satisfaction. And instead of being able to celebrate what we’ve accomplished, the enjoyment is fleeting and we have to find the next thing to go after to fill that void.

Not focusing on the pleasure is also a reason why many people can’t keep up with things like diets, that only focus on the end result of losing weight at the cost of health and happiness.

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Well, it’s that time again…the end of another year, the beginning of a new one.

So many people thinking about what their New Year’s Resolutions are going to be.

I’ll be honest. I can’t remember one New Year’s resolution I made in the past years. Maybe it’s because I was never truly serious when I thought of one last minute…or maybe it was because I forgot about it a week after I made it…or maybe it just made me feel bad about myself…I don’t really know.

I do know this though…New Year’s resolutions don’t work and here’s why:

Resolutions are like diets…they promise big, usually focus on unrealistic, drastic changes, are rooted in everything that’s wrong with your current life (a.k.a. guilt and disappointment) and end up making you feel like a failure when you can’t follow through 100%.

Resolutions usually come about because of something that is not working at the current time or hasn’t worked in the past…

“I’m going to go on a diet because my last one failed…I failed…and now I’ve gained weight.”

“I’m going to get a new job because this one is sucking the energy out of me and I hate it.”

“I’m going to swear off dating because my past relationships have all ended horribly.”

Resolutions, by their very nature, are rooted in everything that hasn’t gone right in the past, and therefore are usually created from a place of lack and negative energy.

They also cause you to keep living in the past, measuring your current successes against a reality that no longer exists, yet is continuing to add negative emotions to your life.

It’s healthy to learn from the past, but not to keep living in it, unable to let go. (tweet it)

The dictionary actually defines the word “resolution” as an “act of resolving” or “finding an answer to a conflict.”

So it forces us to look at everything that is “wrong” in our lives and consider how we should “fix” it and/or ourselves.

That’s no fun…and if you ask me, that’s not very inspiring either.

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The end of the year can bring a lot of emotions.

It’s the end of the old and beginning of the new. There can be excitement, anxiety, happiness, relief, disappointment, sadness, overwhelm….

For some, it’s a time to look back and appreciate all the wonderful things that have occurred in the past year and all the amazing things you were able to accomplish.

But for others, this can be a time where you look back and think about all the things that haven’t happened for you yet…in love, health, career, etc.

There are so many articles out there that talk about how to survive the holidays physically so you don’t put yourself into a sugar and alcohol induced coma and fall back into bad habits.

But what I feel is just as if not more important than that is how to survive the holidays emotionally and also set yourself up for more positive energy for the year ahead so you have a stronger vibration to attract what you want.

If you’re single, this time of year may bring about feelings of loneliness and disappointment as you notice more than ever that so many of your other friends have found love.

If you’ve been aiming for a certain income in your business and haven’t hit it or are still going after that dream job and haven’t landed it, you may be reconsidering if you deserve it.

You may be dreading having to go home to your family and being asked the same damn questions about your love life and career…or not being asked at all.

I’ve been through it all. I have felt the joys of being in a relationship at this time of year and I’ve felt the sadness of being “alone,” the impending question of “so, what’s new?” (hint…have you found someone yet?) or “so, how’s the business going?” (hint…are you still trying?)

What I can say is that there are still ways to feel happy, fulfilled and inspired during the end of the year no matter what your circumstances or what people say to you, so I wanted to share a few tips on how to survive and thrive during the holidays…emotionally and physically.


When it comes to sticking to your healthy routine and not falling completely off the wagon during the holidays there are a few easy tips that will help you power through relatively unscathed.

1. Remember your why
Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or afraid that you’ll fall back into bad habits, one of the most powerful tools is to remember why you started on your journey in the first place. Remember to stay clear on this as you head to parties, family events or even on a quiet night in. Use it in daily meditations and journal about it to make sure that the voice in your head (your Ego) that’s trying to throw you off, doesn’t become louder than your true inner voice that is guiding you toward your desires. You can even repeat your “why” to yourself in moments where you feel weak and need a voice of reason. That voice exists inside of you believe it or not, and will help you stay focused and at ease. Continue reading